Tuesday, January 22, 2019

the liberal party blows, yes lets blame george bush when jimmy carter the retard who was elected in the 70's started all this middle eastern bullshit, i mean it went from pink floyd the wall in the 60;s to literally a bunch of retards in the 70's thinking they can bomb every arabic country because they are so liberal and so hippie and totally understand pink floyd so well and are so awesome at corrupting everyone and making everyone an emotional brainwashed retard and care so much about the poor and are such sexy feminazis who couldnt even legalize weed in the 70's, or ban guns, yet i cant look at a picture on the internet without being persecuted, what a bunch of self-righteous baby boomer losers, fuck them, obombie was a right wing schill who tried to blow up russia oh a black guy didnt work lets use a woman this time right guise hurr durr the young people will fall for it HURR, sadly they did, anyway g-D bless RON PAUL, I STILL LOVE THAT MAN, obomba and hillary clinton suck toddler penis and i hope these self-righteous baby boomers can go suck a fat one, there is nothing more infuriating than a liberal asshole who pretends to hate republicans, just suck my fucking dick, hope you die, ill never work a day in my life or pay ONE CENT in taxes because every cent feels like its going towards my electronic harassment and my torture, and the nazi, self-righteous, nationalist-socialist american government.

glad 9/11 happened.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

a  rich jealous pig named adam wright wing hired a bunch of nazis to electronically harass me and cockblock me, force me to be political 24/7 and try to paint me as racst so i have a harder time getting laid, homeschooled people are scary, little girls plz continue hitting on me i enjoy it very much =^]

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

i like little girls panties and dirty socks that have been worn outside without shoes, i hope i somehow come across some little girls dirty socks or panties that would be awesome lol =^]

Saturday, December 8, 2018

i got banned from youtube....

...i get banned from everywhere it seems, maybe from liking too many gymnastics videos =[

Sunday, September 23, 2018

i love my great grandparents who were in the holocaust and stuff but i would never front for the communist, its a good way to force people to join the army and to invade the middle east like the russian nazis did, i like hungary better than russia and the romanians are total nazis too, they take after their american buddies who want to invade the middle east all time, magyarország á szep
americans are very liberal-nationalist they call slavic people arabs because they/we mixed with middle easterners and deny your race if you are a gypsy (indian) and are also anti-semetic and hate anyone assciated with eastern europe or the middle east  including semites who are middle eastern and they (the homeschool inbred americans) act like the rest of the world has not always been more peaceful and humanitarian than america and like we're the ones bashing innocent pedophiles heads at night when they themselves molest their own children when the average perosn with a lolita complex isn't into incest, im sorry if im middle eastern my parents and ancestors weren't inbred hicks who can't mix outside their race.

Friday, September 21, 2018

while i love hyperdimension neptunia i dont really support its anti piracy message, i supported this so called gameindustri forever i always bought from small software companies like westwood studios, origin and interplay, i also played my first rpg on the sega when i was 6 and started gaming on the nes when i was 3 years old, i played my first mmo wh en i was only 9 years old and i played final fantasy tactics and the original grand theft auto, i cant really offered to buy worthless copies of games when im supporting the hardware industry by buying ram and a cpu and most importantly graphics cards, if it wasnt for me the awesome cpu with the graphics processor built ont he same die wouldnt have happend and the ps4 and xboxone wouldnt have the awesome amd apu with 8 cores and 1024 shader units, consoles are sold for a loss and they rely on bieng far too proprietary and unaccessible, they ake their money back from the games they sell, essentially tbaking advantage of people like me who support the hardware industry.
beware of the red and black anarchist they are pro-gun rebels who advocate civil war and are against any form of intellectualism, einstein once said a true intellectual belives in democracy because he can admit defeat and change his opinion once in awhile

civil war is still war.

we love you bibi

japan seems to vote for the liberal party but they are very nationalist, much like americans believe they are being rebels by voting liberal but by the rest of the worlds standards they are very nationalist.